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Savvy Girl PR Gains West Coast Editorial Placement For Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty Brands Seeking

Fashion Magazine Cover Pitch by Savvy Girl PR

When you are a small to mid-sized business owner in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand space, gaining editorial placement and media buzz is key. Even the slightest mention or earned media can help a new or smaller brand secure a presence on the playing field of their respective industry. But getting the media's attention and gaining placement is no easy feat. Female business owners and brands in the fashion and beauty industry are hard pressed to find affordable PR agencies that can assist them with this task, and, once found, the cost is often too exorbitant for them to afford.

Enter Savvy Girl PR, a boutique west coast public relations and marketing agency that is small in stature, but big on results. In addition to traditional scale public relations, Savvy Girl PR works with small to mid-sized companies to offer a comprehensive strategy plan for their marketing, social media, and public relations needs. Companies can retain SGPR for one-on-one consulting for either the brand or the business owner to develop key strategy for accomplishing their PR and marketing goals within their budget and time frame. Once the plan and strategy is developed, Savvy Girl PR also provides the PR and marketing services to put the plan into action. With a cost effective investment frame that provides the client company a significant return in exposure, results, and marketplace positioning, SGPR has been the answer to many new and small business owners' PR prayers. The benefits of Savvy Girl PR's expert PR/marketing direction and services are more effective and cost efficient than having to hire an in-house publicist or marketing director, so the smaller company is able to gain as much traction as their larger budget competitors. Companies receive general public relations services including regular press release writing and distribution to targeted media, a custom media list specific to the company's core targets, general PR representation on a collective and regional platform, crowd sourced marketing, media pitch/placements and more.

With direct relationships with many west coast fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazines already established as a result of SGPR's founder being a current writer and contributor for such magazines, Savvy Girl PR has a winning edge in getting their clients placements and into the gateway of popular print and media platforms. Priscilla Nakane, Savvy Girl PR founder and public relations expert wanted to give smaller companies just as much efficiency in the PR process as the big budget companies. With a soft spot for small business startups, resulting from launching her own companies in the same way, Priscilla has a passion for helping female business owners reach their goals; providing affordable public relations, marketing and other important business services and resources is how she lives out that passion.

For more information on the public relation services Savvy Girl PR provides, visit the page here. For additional services important to the growth and success of your small business or female focused brand, please visit our full website at

Savvy Girl PR + Marketing is a business consulting firm providing public relations, marketing, social media management, branding, SEO, and professional business coaching and consulting to female entrepreneurs, women business owners and female focused brands in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries.


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