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The Boss Babe CoachTM

One-On-One Coaching and Business Consulting

You are a #BOSS BABE, and you know it!  You're smart, savvy, and you've got a fabulous business (or idea) in the works!  You need to get it to market, or “level-up” on your brand if you're already there.  But you could use a little (or a lot) of help with some direction, inspiration, and emotional support. Imagine having a business BFF – someone to turn to when things seem a bit murky. A “voice of reason” that’s just a phone call away. Professional advice, strategy, and perspective from an expert who knows the ropes and can help you stay on track to your own success.

Savvy Girl PR is here to be your "Business Bestie"!  Your Personal Business Strategist, Success Coach, and Mentor-Minded Business Consultant who works with you to get you to the next level of your goals.  Let us set you up to "Boss Up" and own your future!   

Your Success is My Success!

Let me help you uncover a new You and discover your "Why"!

As a business coaching client of Savvy Girl PR's The Boss Babe Coach TM, you will be working directly with me, Priscilla Nakane.  As founder of several successful businesses, I'm also an experienced business coach, publicist, marketing and social media professional with over 20 years experience in a multitude of business markets as a either an executive or consultant to successful companies.  I have created and cultivated branding and public image for both celebrity clients and national brands and will work one-on-one to do the same for you. 


With a passion for fashion, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle companies, my purpose is to work with female executives and entrepreneurs to help them develop their career and brands to a level that leads to fulfillment, success, and a solid work/life balance. 

I LOVE the process and the adrenaline high of starting businesses, developing and implementing the infrastructure, and watching the company reach success.  Creating business and start-up strategy is my jam, so allow me to put my passion and expertise into helping you define, and refine, yours!   


I work closely with each client to create an individual strategic plan that is focused on your specific goals and desired results. I'd love to personally work with you and your business to become a part of your success story. Here at Savvy Girl PR, we customize all personal business coaching and consulting programs, but listed below are some of our most popular services.  To get started, simply contact us today

I work with individuals and companies nationwide, to create a more energized and engaged personal and social brand experience. I provide insight and direction to your brand’s image and online presence, as well as help to develop your personal business direction and success.

Coaching & Business Consulting
The Business Bestie - Coaching Package

Whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate executive, or public figure -  you have a dream, an idea, a burning desire to launch hard and fast out of the gate... but where do you start? Where do you get help?  These are questions many new businesses and brands face; having the dream but lacking the experience in how to put it all together. 

As founder of SAVVY Girl PR, I have years of experience in helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands launch their platform; coaching them on the process and procedures of successful business development and plans of action.

​I'll work one-on-one with you to discover your precise passion, focus on the achievable, uncover the road blocks and challenges (some of which might be self-imposed), and develop a concise system of the tangible steps you'll need to take to get you to live out your vision and reach your goals! I will work diligently with you to:

  • Create innovative strategies based on your personality, goals, and lifestyles that will work for you to reach your desired goal

  • Learn to work consistently on the baby steps that will lead to big progress, while keeping your focus on the big picture of what you want to achieve.

  • Develop a process that breaks down the big picture into smaller, daily, weekly, monthly goals and achievable tasks and to-do’s necessary for success.

  • Learn to be disciplined without dreading the process.

  • Adopt a fresh and new approach to your thinking, routine, and creativity.

  • Create a system and calendar that provides success markers, forecasts results, and achievement tracking so that you can visually see your progress and results in order to stay motivated and on track

  • Brainstorm, discuss, and formulate your strategic planning and goal setting process

  • Develop and/or revamp your personal/business branding

  •  Develop and cultivate your leadership attributes and positioning within your industry

  • Asses your personality profile and uncover your strengths in working, communication, and interacting with others in order to achieve the most success in your professional, goals driving relationships.


One-on-One Business Coaching
Work with me
for 3 or 6 Months
$799* per month
What You Get:
   2 monthly 1 hr phone or Zoom calls with a post-call summary report that details the talk points of the call +a custom goal/strategy calendar, weekly check-in/mentoring emails, progress tracking, access to Savvy Girl Masterminds, and more!  
Book a 2-hour Business Strategy
Just $1299*
  Two 1 hr phone or Skype calls
to develop your  COMPLETE 90 day business strategy, custom daily strategy calendar, action module and follow-up/support. 
Weekly email check-in/mentoring
Progress Tracking, Access to Savvy Girl Masterminds, email access, and more!  
The Quickie Consult
(1 hr New Client Coaching Call)
$199.00 Intro Rate!
This is for 1st time coaching call clients only. (Phone call only). You'll fill out a client questionnaire form that will give me insight into your main business goals and challenges so that we can get right to work once we hop on a call! You will get valuable advice, strategy, and direction during this customized 1-hour call that you will be able to immediately apply to your business.  Save thousands of dollars in time and money with my professional perspective and expert advice for your business now! 
The Business Bestie
1-on-1 Coaching Phone/Zoom Calls
After our 1st initial coaching call you can schedule these 1-hour strategy session coaching phone or Zoom calls anytime you have a new challenge, need direction, expert advice, or even a specific plan of action.  You will get valuable advice that can save you thousands of dollars in time and money with a concise and expert perspective on your situation.

Corporate Consulting


We also offer:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Group Edu-sessions

  • Group Master Mind Sessions

Our sessions are  tailored to your business needs and designed just for you. 

Additional Services Every Business Needs

Social Media

Whether it's growing authentic, engaged followers, or handeling all of your social media management...we've got you covered!

Public Relations

Advertising is you saying your good, PR is other people saying you're good.  We'll make sure they never stop talking about you! 

About Priscilla

The Boss Babe CoachTM

Priscilla Thomas-Nakane is a public relations, marketing, and business expert with over 20 years of high caliber experience in each field.  As a celebrity publicist, business coach, and consultant, Priscilla began working with 100's of business owners and female focused brands that sought out her advice and expertise on their business growth and marketing when they participated in the various fashion and beauty expos, celebrity gifting suites, and entertainment industry events she produced thru her company Dolce Vita Events in the early 2000's. With her keen business and social insight, a plethora of knowledge in a wide spectrum of markets, and the same individual attention, nurturing, and grooming she gives to her celebrity PR clients, Priscilla advises female business owners with authenticity, inspiration, and savvy solutions to their business challenges and sets them up on a journey to success!  

Client Testimonials:

Kristen Ross-Bowdry

Owner/The Beauty Book

"My time working with Priscilla was truly an educational one that helped me grow both as an individual and professional.  Her ideas were pivotal in helping me take my business to new heights. I highly recommend Priscilla!"

Nina Tulio

Owner/The 1N Agency

"Such Valuable insight! I loved our call and I can’t wait to start putting your ideas into action!"

Lynne Curtin

(Housewives of Orange County Season 4)

Owner/Lynne Curtin Designs

Priscilla has been wonderful both as a publicist and business coach! I've increased ten fold in sales thanks to the advice and strategy she's shared.

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