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Content Writing that Gets You Noticed!

OK, so you have a business, you have a brand, you have a website; maybe you even sell products and services through your website, and have an online shop.  But what about your copywriting?  Do you have content and copywriting that sells?  Do you have content and product descriptions that are detailed and dynamic enough to make your site visitors want to stop and fully read? (Psst, keeping your site visitors on your site reading your content longer helps your "bounce rate" and ultimately helps your SEO). 

With the professional content and copywriting services of Savvy Girl PR, you will have all of that and more!


Great content and copywriting is one of the key elements for the success of your brand's over all image.  From website content and product or service descriptions to press releases, email newsletters and campaigns, blogs, ad copy, and marketing materials; it all comes down to having great copywriting in order to be successful and effective at getting your brand's message out to your audience.  But let's face it, not everyone is a writer, not everyone understands just how important a role search engine optimized (SEO) content writing is to your businesses website rankings (in content, blogs, AND product descriptions), or how much skill, time, and knowledge it takes to write good copy.  


Let us help you stand out.  We take great pride in writing content and copy that speaks to your audience in your brand's voice, using your industry lingo to dynamically present your call to action.

Are you a career or creative professional looking to land a new job, promotion, or level up your corporate climb? Let us revamp or completely re-create your professional resume, cover letter, or promotion request in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. (C'mon, we are a PR agency, making clients stand out from the crowd is what we do best!)


At Savvy Girl PR, our writers are published authors, fashion & beauty editors and writers, English and communications majors, and experienced journalists who know exactly what to say AND how to say it.  Contact us today to discuss your next writing project.  We cant wait to write for you! 

Content & Copywriting for:
  • Website and social media content

  • Press releases, blog posts and articles

  • Marketing materials and packaging copy 

  • Print, digital, and script ad copy

  • Email  newsletters, e-books, white papers, and e-courses

  • Bio, business, and Linkedin profiles

  • Ghost writing for authors

  • Guest blogging

  • Speeches and monologues

  • Corporate communications, mission statements, etc.

  • and more

Our writing services can be tailored to your specific needs and project. 

Check Our Receipts!

Click the links below for some examples of our work: 

Benjamin Franklin Writing Quote
Industry Specialties

While SAVVY Girl PR  writes for almost any industry, Principal writer Priscilla Nakane holds specialty writing experience in the following industries:

  • Fashion, Beauty, and Luxury Lifestyle Brands

  • Hair & Skincare

  • Healthcare, Medical, Dental,  & Cosmetic Aesthetics

  • Real Estate & Property Management

  • Banking & Financial

  • Culinary, Hospitality, & Restaurants 

  • Data Centers, Software, & Tech

  • Municipal Government and Community Relations

  • Consumer products & B2B

  • Weddings & Corporate Events

  • Entrepreneurship & Consumerism 

Talk is Cheap, Good Writing Isn't 

While most writing projects require a custom quote, here are the starting rates for some of the more frequent and common writing tasks we take on:  

  • Blog (short) posts - $75+

  • Blog Articles (500+ words w/SEO & distributed) - $150+

  • Press release - $200+ (distribution extra)

  • Email Newsletter/w set up- $250+ (distribution extra)

  • Linkedin & Professional profiles - $150+

Contact us for a custom quote on your project!​

She Speaks CEO Business Plan Presentation.0324.jpg
Untitled design (1).jpg

Are you looking to create professional reports, compelling pitch decks, comprehensive business plans, or eye-catching presentations? Look no further! Our Business Asset Design (B.A.D.) Services offer tailored solutions to help your company communicate effectively and impressively.


Whether you're seeking to secure funding, attract clients, or showcase your achievements, our team is here to help. We deliver high-quality, visually appealing materials that make an impact. With our expertise in digital marketing materials, we can also assist you in creating engaging content for online campaigns, social media platforms, and email newsletters.


Elevate your business with our Business Asset Design Services and stand out from the competition. Let's get started!

Additional Services Every Business Needs:

Strategic Planning

Ready to reach your next level goals but need strategy and direction? 

We've got you covered! Our Business Coaching provides effective, strategic, business consulting for entrepreneurs at every level.

Public Relations

Advertising is you saying your good, PR is other people saying you're good.  We'll make sure they never stop talking about you! 

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