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If you are a beauty, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, or female focused brand and you just can't keep up with your social media, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!

We are experts in fashion/beauty/entertainment and working with female focused brands are our specialty! 


We are experts in Facebook, Instagram, and all social platforms and will create a scientific strategy, customized post content and complete social media management JUST FOR YOU!!

Here's What We Do for YOU:


✔ Manage social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, and more!

✔ Create purposeful, strategic posts w/editorial style visuals

✔ Custom Social Media Strategy Plan


✔ Consistent posting schedule, community engagement, and brand development/management 

✔ REAL HUMAN engagement via your own dedicated social media manager  .....AND MORE!

Savvy Girl Social MEdia Management For Beauty and Female Brands

Are you in Love with Posting Your Own Social Media but just Need Help with Growth & Engagement?

Our Instagram Growth & Engagement service is the perfect solution for you!

Instagram & Facebook Ads!!

Let us create, implement, and manage your Instagram, Facebook, and even Google Ads!!  We take the guess work and headache out of Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Advertising to give you conversions, leads, and results!!

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Savvy Girl PR takes on your social media management to give you back your time and piece of mind.  


From launching full scale social media campaigns and managing your Influencer marketing 

To creating your day-to-day social media posts across Instagram, Facebook, Google+,  Linkedin, Pinterest, and more! 


You'll choose the platforms, frequency, and amount of engagement that best suites your budget and business needs and we'll ensure that your social media channels are optimized to their full potential thru growth, strategy, social proof and engagement, and online reputation management! 

It's a NO-BRAINER!!  


Here's Why You'll Wanna Sit With Us:

At Savvy Girl PR we specialize in social media management for fashion and beauty companies, health and fitness social media, social media management and marketing for cosmetic surgeons, salons, spas, and Female Focused Brands.  We provide female focused social media management and marketing services for women, by womenWe KNOW your target audience because WE ARE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.  We take on a limited amount of clients for our social media management and social media growth services because of the time and attention we give to each client. We work one-on-one with you to create an individual social media strategy plan designed to target your specific goals.  Our professional experience, focused process, and creative approach enable us to effectively achieve desired results because WE KNOW THESE INDUSTRIES - there is no learning curve. We save you time, money, missed sale opportunity, and give you piece of mind.  So take back your time and let us professionally handle your social media presence with stunning visuals, effective campaigns, and strategic content creation; all at an affordable rate.

Savvy Girl PR offers several options for managing your growth and content on social media:  

We learn the intricate details of your business then build a customized social media strategy based on your specific needs and goals. 

We grow your targeted ideal followers thru authentic and organic human interaction, engagement, and relationship building.

We post branded content  that is both created in-house and developed from the creative  images and information that you supply.


We engage through authentic real life conversations, comments, and messages that build emotional connections and brand loyalty from your  digital community 

Ramp Up Your Social Life! - With Savvy Girl Social Media

Social Media Management for Fashion & Beauty Companies and Female Focused Brands 


You understand the importance of having a strong social media game, but it's so much more than just posting pictures and single sentence posts.  There's actually a science to it.  A solid social media marketing strategy is key to successfully gaining the right kinds of followers, conveying the right company message, and attracting the right customers for your type of business.  71% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a company  based on their social media presence and reputation.  Of those customers, 65% will only engage with companies that have an active and healthy social media following and aesthetically attractive social brand - this means, not only do you have to focus on growing your followers, cultivating a consistent brand message, and providing value in your posts and engagement; your social media has to look pretty too!


This takes a lot of time and a certain skill set for business owners, and creative entrepreneurs.  At Savvy Girl Social Media, we are here to help.  We will provide the brains AND the beauty for your social media presence, creating strategic, on-brand, and consistent posts and content, growing your social media community organically with authentic and engaged followers, and providing focused and effective social media engagement services that are relevant, creative, and entice your followers to build brand loyalty, social proof, and sale conversions for your brand.  Let us create a solid strategy and manage your social media accounts with the expertise of SEO rich content that engages your followers and effectively represents your brand in a beautiful way; so that you can focus on what you do best... running your business!  




Additional Services Available:

Ready to reach your next level goals but need strategy and direction? 

We've got you covered! Our Business Coaching provides effective, strategic, business consulting for entrepreneurs at every level.

Advertising is you saying your good, PR is other people saying you're good.  We'll make sure they never stop talking about you! 

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