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Women Owned Businesses Benefit From Female Owned Public Relations, Social Media Marketing Companies

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Let’s face it, starting or running your own business is hard. If you’re a woman starting or running your own business can be even harder. In addition to wearing all of the hats required to run your business, female entrepreneurs also have to juggle work and family life (taking care of the kids, the house, the spouse, and more) - so of course it can all feel so overwhelming. It’s easy to become overworked when you have a thousand things to do every day. Who better to understand all of these challenges than other women business owners?

They say it takes a village. While this usually refers to raising a child, it’s also true for running a small business (after all, when we live and breathe running our own business, it becomes our child). There are certain key business support services that every small business should outsource as part of their success and growth strategy, let alone part of their fundamental infrastructure. These key business support services are web design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and management, and public relations.

A successful business is built on the backbone of an entire team, not just the founder, creator, or CEO. Sure you can try to do it all on your own in the beginning (and many small business owners do), but this is a fast track to burn out and prevents the full growth potential of the business. While there are many companies that offer the above key business support services, cultivating a team of support service providers that are also female business leaders can greatly benefit women owned businesses. After all, who better to understand the challenges, drive, and vision of female business owners, than other females. Women know women.

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Not only do female business consultants (PR, Marketing, SEO, etc.,) know and understand their female small business owner clients, we also understand the psychology of the targeted female consumer. Yes, as women, we understand women. We understand what’s important to women. We understand what drives them to make a purchase. We understand what compels them to stop, look, and listen to female focused brands and businesses, and we use all of this to your advantage in marketing, social media, public relations, branding, and more.

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As a female owned and operated creative services consultancy, our female business owner clients can feel comfortable picking up the phone or sending an email expressing an emotional reaction they have to any given business situation they are facing; knowing that we will understand. When a female client needs help to pinpoint just the right female target in a tightly niche market, they are assured that we will know where and how to find them and just how to capture their attention. When design elements, graphics, and marketing collateral need to be a precise aesthetic that speaks directly to women, our female business clients know we’ve got their back on that too.

From public relations, branding, social media and digital marketing, to one-on-one business and professional coaching, we are a woman owned business in the business of serving other women owned businesses, and we love what we do.

Savvy Girl PR is a national public relations and marketing firm based in Orange County, California serving small to mid-sized female owned and focused businesses nationwide that seek to penetrate and flourish in the Southern California markets. We represent and service businesses in the fashion, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle industries.


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