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3 Business Coaching Tips for Female Entrepreneurs and Women Owned Businesses: Build Brand Loyalty By

Be Yourself- Bloom where you are planted - Branding tips for female entrepreneurs Orange County Business Coaching by Savvy Girl PR

As a female entrepreneur, you might wonder how to create brand loyalty for your business. When the marketplace is saturated with like services, products, and brands, how do you connect with your audience and your ideal client to build loyalty and an interest in YOUR brand. The three tips below are the starting points I advise all clients to make in positioning themselves for brand loyalty.

1. Engage your audience (by being YOU).

Be a stilleto 0 Be You - Brand Loyalty for female business owners by Savvy Girl PR - Orange County Public Relations and Business Consulting

I always advise my clients to "get to know your audience, and let them get to know you. Be transparent, be honest, be vulnerable, and be REAL." That's when people will make a real connection with you, your brand, or your service. There can be so many others offering the same product and service you are, but your ideal client wants to get to know YOU. They want to know what you stand for, what YOU can do for them, and what YOUR commitment is. This is where brand loyalty starts to develop, where trust and belief in your brand is formed. So make your client interactions personable. Yes - be professional, but remember to always be human. This allows you to be honest, to be yourself, and to be a better business person. Encourage questions, invite suggestions, engage with your audience in any way you can. Make it authentic.

2. Find your Ideal (Client).

Many female business owners feel the pressure to compete with everyone else around them. They cast wide nets in their marketing, branding, and in who they want as a client. That’s so tiring. You can’t keep up with the Jones’ in the world of business when there are so many different platforms and outlets to try to keep up with…slow down! Figure out your niche. Envision your ideal client, and then target that ideal client with everything you’ve got. When you put your energy into learning all you can about your ideal client, (what she likes, what she dislikes, where she lives, where she works, what she does for fun, where she turns for upkeep, etc.) your energy and research will pay off with presenting ways in which to market to that ideal client in the way they will listen and appreciate you and your brand. This, in time, will build brand loyalty. Why? Because it shows them you’re invested in them and their needs and in return, they build enough faith and loyalty to you and your brand to be invested in you.

3. Get back to basics (Be Human. Be Personable).

In a world full of digital interaction and virtual relationships, everyone is so accustomed to being withdrawn and mechanical in business communications (under the guise of being “professional”). Emails and phone calls are curt and short, giving only enough time and attention to the other person in order to serve your need, without taking time for the niceties of common courtesy.

As business women, we can change this.Don't keep your process and business interactions so mechanical and canned (same sales pitch, same automatic email intro, same disconnected tone in your starchy voiced phone call), be human, be approachable. Be personable and be YOU.

So much can be said for tips on improving your personal or corporate process to build brand loyalty and connections with your audience or clients. For a detailed and personal consulting session, contact us to learn more.


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